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To Get Out of This, We Need to Know How We Got Into This

To Get Out of This, We Need to Know How We Got Into This


The question that needs to be answered/asked is how did we get in this situation, facing extinction, facing authoritarian control, fearing pandemics? It may not be simplistic to say that it is related to our economy. An economy is the system according to which the money, industry, and trade of a country or region is organized.
Industrialization is huge and it has been irresponsible, taking to heart the creed that profit is the bottom line to the exclusion of all other values, such as respect for the health of the ecosystem and the welfare of the citizens. Pollution and contamination destroy our eco-system and our health, it shouldn’t be permitted. We need to create a better form of organization, one that prevents anything that creates anything that creates toxic conditions. This might seem obvious but our current system has permitted this virtually unchecked. Consummerism fuels this and needs to be questioned and reevaluated.

How could we be so careless? The current system allows for so many irresponsible actions beyond this, the big one is militarism, war, which perhaps is the biggest polluter on the planet. But it is the mass murder and destruction of whole societies causing huge migration problems that is equally culpable. Yet it is tolerated and promoted in the current system. Why is this tolerated and when will it end?
Humans have permitted atrocities for far too long and now the consequences are here and there is hell to pay. We have given too much powers to irresponsible entities that control our lives through what they call government. We are all going to pay for that right now. We should have rebelled centuries ago. And actually there have been rebellions and revolutions but somehow they didn’t really change anything much substantially, being as we are where we are today.
This may be because it is more or less been simply a changing of the guard, not the system. And when the system was changed to communism or whatever, the essential structure of the system wasn’t changed, that is, the vertical top-down aspect, the centralized authority, which goes back to when their were kings and warlords.

This is what must be changed if we are ever to govern ourselves in such a way that we never will have to live accepting what is unacceptable anymore. Facing the possibility of extinction and totalitarianism are the results of us blithely allowing ourselves to be dominated by criminal, toxic, psychopathic, corrupted individuals and corporatocracies. There is a price to pay and now it must be redeemed.

This change is restructuring governing to horizontal self-governing which is virtually incorruptible.

We must grow up and take responsibility for all there is in our lives. We are being forced to change,i.e. change or die. Those who control, wish to continue and they are experts at manipulation, controlling as they do, the mainstream media and the social media, such that humanity continues to remain irresponsible and child-like, wishing to be led, blindly putting their faith in “leaders”. Some of us have escaped this manipulation and can see right through it. It is up to us to strategize our way out of it. We are doing this here through utopiacornucopia.org. It is open to your participation.

  • Utopia
  • July 28, 2020
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