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Our Projects

We currently are focusing on three projects. To find out more about each of these, get in touch.


We are working with a range of partners to build a digital ecosystem, centred on a member platform which houses and integrates a range of powerful networking features, including a co-creation tool to initiate new projects. Individuals and organisations are invited to become founding members of this network by heading to the JOIN page.
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We are co-designing a protocol for inter-network collaboration, enabling individuals and organisations already aligned to existing platforms to connect across their respective platform boundaries. Focusing on interoperability and decentralised architecture, we aim to create a ‘network of networks’, oriented towards building synergies at scale.


We are aggregating, curating, and visualising data on the tens of thousands of projects and practices which are contributing to a more regenerative, democratic, just economy, to help facilitate their discovery and visibility.

“Society is ego-based. If we are to survive and create a sacred world based on love, we need to be heart-centered.”

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