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Love Is the Be-all and the End-all

Love Is the Be-all and the End-all


Love is kindness. It is generous-hearted giving. It is going the extra mile, bending over backward.

Love is so sweet. It is caring. Love can be felt both through receiving and giving. Always it is unique, it is freshness. Love is helping.

Love is bold but soft. Love is always, it is in every heart, but sometimes is hiding, it is in the air, it is expressed in the fruits of the trees, the caress of the wind, can we be love? love is a choice, .

Life is a gift, the gift of love. “Choosing love we also choose to live in community, and that means that we do not have to change by ourselves. We can count on critical affirmation and dialogue with comrades walking a similar path…A love ethic emphasizes the importance of service to others.” Bell Hooks “Actions undertaken with pure intent have repercussions throughout the web of life, beyond what you can measure or discern.” Joanna Macy. We learn to love by giving service. Serving others ingeniously is the best way to serve ourselves. This is at the core of the community. Let love guide us. Our solutions come from love.

Love goes beyond words. It is action

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  • July 28, 2020
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