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It’s Now or Never

Its Now or Never


Spying on citizens is clearly illegal, yet the gov’t. continues to do it openly, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and Julian Assange are victimized and persecuted for bringing proof of criminal activities of government, and now with the plandemic most all of our civil rights have been stripped away and the entire economy crushed, the health apparatus to protect us from a pandemic has proven to be inadequate. 5G is being secretly installed, and still people are getting excited about their candidates, Trump and Biden for the next presidential election. There shouldn’t be another presidential election. Government has been revealed to be both treacherous and inadequate. There should be a referendum to restructure the entire way we govern, which is vertical, top-down to horizontal, bottom-up which is virtually incorruptible, by and for the people, no more politicians.
Why isn’t this obvious? What is wrong with everyone? Are humans not intelligent enough to live with real democracy? Are humans hopelessly flawed? Sometimes it feels like I am the last person on Earth that has not gone zombie. I know, I hope, that there are still others who must feel the same way I do. We need to find each other and unite. We cannot go on living anymore where the unacceptable is accepted. We must have freedom, we must have justice, no more war, desecration of the natural world, no more people dying from hunger, poverty, and dirty water.
Covid-19 is fraught with anomalies, too many to assume that there is nothing behind it. Bill Gates is advocating, micro-chips and mandatory vaccines, completely ignoring the sovereignty of our bodies and in my opinion, it is treasonous. It is being revealed how this lock-down was unnecessary, that the deaths attributed to the virus are inaccurate and hyped up, but its too late, the consequences are here and are not over. Our government has impoverished multitudes on false premises. Yet people want to vote again for tweedley dumb?
What does it take to see through the murkiness of everything to realize that enough is enough and we must make the fundamental changes to stop all of this in its tracks and to make sure it never happens again? And not to make the same idiot mistake of changing the guard and think that that is going to make a difference. History has shown… we don’t even have to look at history, because that is largely a fabrication, right now has proven that different faces in power makes no difference. So lets stop voting and restructure the system first.
Capitalism is government, they are inseparable. Industrialization/consummerism has fouled our world. If profit is all that is sacred, then all the real sacred values of humanity are sublimated and dismissed. Anyone can see that. Ask yourself why have we gotten ourselves into such an existential mess? For some of us, myself, it has been clear for over 40 years that capitalism and corrupt government are what is keeping humanity from evolving into a utopic world. The same problems never go away. And now we face extinction and totalitarianism, the result of billions of bad decisions perhaps. The chickens have come home to roost. For every action there is a reaction. Its time to face the consequences. Its redemption time.
For those of us with eyes wide open, we cannot just give up or give in. We have strategies and plans. We are not just talk. We are walking our talk. We are going to make a network of networks. There must be millions trying to find ways to a more beautiful world. We are going to become a force. Using various technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning, we are bringing together like minded individuals to help imagine the perfect world we will all be happy to live in. we need skilled individuals like yourself to help us claim back our freedom. We are peaceful but we will peacefully fight to the death if we have to. We are unstoppable. Join us: utopiacornucopia.org.

  • Utopia
  • July 28, 2020
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