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Horizontal Citizen Participation


About Horizontal Goverment

Horizontal self-organizing or governing is for and by the people. It depends on citizen participation and volunteerism. There are no politicians. It is a collaboration. It must follow the “social contract” or constitution, which is a compendium of the shared values that everyone wishes to have in their city, like human rights, freedom, justice, abundance, health care, ecology, women’s rights, radical democracy, etc.

Instead of competing interests, it is collaborative and transparent, with the goal being always what is best for the whole. There is no “authority” to make demands, Hence, it is friendly and based on good relations.

Humanity is doing a lot, it seems, to avert the climate crisis, but obviously, it is not enough to save us from extinction, from the possibility of catastrophic, irreversible, systemic collapses. If we want to get serious about the climate crisis, we need to get out from under any toxic control. We can not change capitalism right away. Because it seems that capitalism is the breeding ground for corruption. It seems we must wait until humanity escapes from the conditioning of each person for himself, survival mode, to a perspective of “we” instead of “me”. It is going to take some time but first, we need a system (horizontal governing) that fosters cooperation, collaboration, and relationships.

We can build a regenerative culture legally, city by city by citizen participation. It does not need to interrupt daily commerce even for one day, it is by and for the people, based on cooperation, collaboration, and relationships, decentralized, with direct democracy, and freedom for women as the main pillar. In a word, it is just what the world needs to create a regenerative, healthy, abundant, peaceful, and just society, that creates healthy, cooperative, loving, untraumatized, unprogrammed people.


The world-wide lock-down (quarantine) has demonstrated how fragile and tenuous our civil liberties are as well as the health system, and how vulnerable the current economic system is to total collapse. The outcome at this time is still unknown, It could be the end-game move where all of humanity will be forced vaccinated with nanochips or whatever (Bill Gates’ proposal), a world digital money system, so that one’s every financial move can be tracked (it is already this way in most countries as far as tracking almost all transactions), which can be closed if the gov’t. finds you “dangerous”, i.e. a dissident. and total dependence on the gov’t. for almost, if not everything, which can also be stopped if you are deemed a “bad boy”.

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands — one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”

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