About Us

We are activists, artists, and experts in various fields. We are passionate about restoring and regenerating our world, restructuring governing from hierarchical, vertical to horizontal, which is virtually incorruptible.

We are growing ourselves into a large collaboration to make a real-life plan for cities as if they were horizontally, citizen-run and organized , designing a Utopia that can be realized and to make global cities self-empowerment movement viral and to demonstrate its feasibility and majesty. One of our major tasks involves creating media and videos to educate and explain in detail how horizontal government works. Through these educative media, we are hoping to raise more awareness and attract similar minded activists, citizens and governments who care about humanity and the environment.

We wish to make a real-life plan to utopianize cities from dystopia. The purpose is to demonstrate how feasible and fantastic it would be, such that the Municipalism, or Communalism (not communism), or Transition Town Movement, which all are pretty much about the same idea of reinventing cities, is put into high gear and starts to happen all over the world, like the 100th monkey phenomenon.

It is a monumental task thus we need lots of passionate volunteers with expertise or experience to take on one or more of the categories below. We will have an open-source platform to make collaborations and sharing of ideas and solutions easy. We would like to complete this as soon as possible, ideally perhaps in 3 months. This is the most difficult part of the project. However, this is only one of the steps in the multiple-step plan to have as huge an impact as possible.

  •  To create, white-board style animations and awareness media explaining horizontal governing. Some of our videos are available on our youtube channel which is accessible through our home page. 
  • To to make a real-life plan to utopianize global cities from dystopia. 
  • To link up all networks, websites, projects, and institutions, who are doing something similar and to make an open platform for sharing ideas and solutions.
  • To research, study, analyze, link, and document real-life examples that already exist. 
  • To create a database of innovations and solution which will be made available on public portals for anyone to use. 
  • To make all of our work accessible and viral such that cities use our guidelines. We are hoping that our work will enable cities to begin to transition from relative dystopia to relative utopia.

we believe in being as horizontal as possible. Whoever feels our work resonates with them is welcome to come on board, contribute their suggestions, and together we move this project forward. 

Horizontal  citizen participation

  • Decentralization
  •  Assemblies from small (neighborhood) to large (national) ecological, direct democracy
  • Bottom-up decentralization
  • Women's liberation
    • Equal representation in governing/organizing,
    • Equal pay
  • De-industrializing
  • De-consummering
  • Guaranteed income

Eco-smart Infrastructure development

  • Eco-friendly infrastructure
  • Use of natural light in homes and buildings 
  • Use of non-toxic building material and equipment
  • Clean and renewable energy in all buildings
  • Retrofitting buildings
  • Self-energizing
  • AI monitored systems

Regenerative Agriculture

  • Empty spaces for neighborhood hubs, and/or agriculture
  • Greening, regenerative agriculture or synotropia
  • Growing food locally
  • A community supported agricultural system
  • Composting
  • Promoting only organic crops
  • Fair and equal distribution

Water and sanitation

  • Prioritizing water management systems
  • Use of AI in water management
  • Household waste water recycling systems
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Sustainable and eco friendly sewage treatment facilities
  • Use of ecologically friendly water treatment chemicals
  • Zero water polution
  • AI systems to monitor and control water levels, water quality and water supply and distribution     


  • Less cars, more public transport
  • Incentivised car pooling

  • Bike riding and walking to work

  • Reducing emisions

  • Non-polluting vehicles

  • City vehicles:
  • AI for tracking, maintenance, inventory
  • Emergency vehicles
  • AI for ease of transport (controling traffic lights)
  • Roads that produce energy
  • Maintenance
  • Parking
  • AI to ease traffic

Waste Management

  • Zero waste
  • All waste as energy
  • Reducing, Reusing and Recycling
  • Zero use of paper

Zero pollution

  • Non use of toxic chemicals
  • Non Polluting vehicles
  • Smart waste disposal and management policies
  • AI systems to monitor air and water quality


  • Purchasing
  • Budget
  • Accounting
  • New Economy
  • Natural Resources

And many more